What is Organic ?

If you are either a citizen of the European Union or you have lived there for years,there is no doubt that you have come into contact with organic products in a wider sense.

Probably you have seen the logos “organic” fruit & vegetables in your local greengrocer’s or in a restaurant menu  as a description for a tasty filet.Perhaps you have already noticed the common logos of EU for organic products or something similar  that is used in your country on a juice carried or on an egg packet that you have bought recently.

You have probably wondered what does organic product exactly mean in relation to the foods production and if it is a reliable system.If you have questions like that you will find your answers ,starting by the main one: “What is organic agriculture ?”

In short, the organic farming is an agriculture management system that provides fresh,tasty,original foods to the consumer when at the same time respects the balance of the ecosystem.

For more details   you can visit the official website of the EU for “Organic Farming” http://ec.europa.eu/agriculture/organic/home_el.