According to rule of EU about the organic agriculture there is a certain way that the farming ,the animal raising even the foods process should be done in order to be branded as organic.Moreover,it’s required to follow the rule of EU about the organic agriculture as far as the branded products is concerned.

It’s also obligatory to have a logo that includes the code of the control organization that check  & certify businessmen’s organic products.

The specific branding process has been designed in order to build faith uo to the consumers of the organic way of foods production.The logos of EU have been designed in order to make the organic products more readable to consumers and it works in a similar way the national logos in your country work.

The branding process is obligatory from the 1st of  July 2010 for prepackaged products .It remains optional for the imported products from that date and on.If  it’s used the logo of  EU,according to the new rule,it should be written the region of the agricultural raw material’s origin .This sign can refer “EU’ or “out of EU” or the specific country,that belongs to EU or not,where the products or the raw materials have been produced.

For more details   you can visit the official website of the EU for “Organic Farming” http://ec.europa.eu/agriculture/organic/home_el.