Apiculture in Greece by numbers

The average per person consumption of honey in Greece is calculated to be about 1,7 kg.,which places us among the top consuming countries in the EU,based on statistics by Euro-stat.The annual production of honey in 2004 was 16.000 tons(fourth in EU).Spain was first with 32.000 tons ,Germany second with 26.000 tons (based though mostly on imports not local production) and Hungary was third with 19.500 tons .

As far the number of beehives is concerned we rank second with 1.497.690, a number which amounts to 10,8% of the total 27 European countries ‘ beehives .Spain is leading with 2.320.949,France has 1.360.796,Italy has 1.157.133 and Poland amounts to 1.091.930 beehives etc.

In 2005 ,193814 beekeepers were active in Greece 7.170 of them are professionals,that is 36% of the total and they owned 73% of the total Greek beehives.We say that a beekeeper is a professional when he has more than 150 beehives.Moreover the Greek professionals beekeepers amount almost to 40% of the EU professionals (7.170 out of 17.986) .Source :COPA and Euro-stat.

In the EU 16 different categories of honey have been recognised as PDO (Protected designation of origin) and 3 categories as PGI (Protected geographical indication).One such category has come from Greece as PDO,in particular the magnificent honey of “Vanilla Fir-Tree of Mainalo Mountain” in Perfecture of Peloponnisos -Arcadia which was regognised in 1996.