The philosophy of “FASILI’S FAMILY” is to offer products directly from the bee hive to you with minimal human intervention.Based on Greek traditional beekeeping methods inherited from previous generations and in combination with the expertise of the latest generation,” FASILI’S FAMILY”  aims to produce high quality honey products, with respect and sensitivity towards the environment and the consumer.For this reason we choose not to get honey from organized and intensive farming(Orange, Cotton, etc.) in which  chemical compounds are commonly used, but we gather honey from ecosystems as possible unaffected by humans.

Organic Honey “FASILIS” collected from the region of  “Mount Parnonas” in Southeastern Peloponnese at an altitude ranging from 300 m - 1300 m.The area of  “Mount Parnonas” where we collect the largest amount of our honey is included in the NATURA 2000 network, which is a European Ecological Network areas.

The Arcadian land with the big mountains, forests and rich flora is the place where they live, grow and produce our beehives.So, honey and bee products of  “FASILI’S FAMILY” are pure and natural  retaining their  beneficial properties.