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“Honey Fasilis” Sponsor in the theatrical performance “Forgetful Bee”!!

“Honey Fasilis“ sponsors a children’s show:

“The forgetful Bee”

Reportage & Scenes from the show can be watched here:

The Cultural Society of Freon and the theater team  ”2 +2″   present    ”The forgetful Bee” at  Eliart theater from December 11, 2011.


Director - Writing: Anna Garefalaki
Sets: Lida Malakaki
Costumes: Peter Trianatafyllopoulos
Music composition: George Orphanoudakis
Choreography: Rowan Thorpe
Cast: Anna Garefalaki, Tassos Karakyklas
Keys - Guitar - Clarinet: Paul Gkousios

Eliart Theater

127 Constantinople street Athens

Every Sunday at 12.00